Since 2001 Heresy Software offers free quality software on the internet, like the very popular AlphaChess game or Virtual Salesman inventory management system.

The word heresy comes from the greek word "haeresis" a which in fact means "choosing" or "school of thought", which can translate to "beleive in yourself and choose your own path". Which is exactly the state of mind behind Heresy Software which chooses to believe that you can have exceptionnal quality in free software.

If you have any question or comment please send an e-mail at this address : info@heresysoft.com.

Recent news :

2011-04-30 - AlphaChess 4.0.3
More problems have been fixed.

2011-02-27 - AlphaChess 4.0.2
More problem fixes and other minor adjustments.

2011-02-25 - AlphaChess 4.0.1
Problem fixes and minor adjustments.

2011-02-24 - AlphaChess 4 - Fixed a stability bug on the server
An error that could make the server unstable has been identified and fixed.

2011-02-23 - AlphaChess 4.0.0 release
The new version of this popular chess software is now available!

2010-05-24 - AlphaChess 4 progress report
Development on AlphaChess 4 has started again at an sufficient rate and I estimate that it will be done by 2011. Just a little more patience!

2010-04-18 - Web site update
The website's content has been updated and a new "Libraries" section was added. It containts several functions and libraries in several languages that i have created in the past which are now availlable for free.

2009-01-24 - AlphaChess 4 is now Open Source!
I am currently searching for talented programmers to contribute to the project. You can now get all the information on the project from the SourceForge.net website by clicking here.

2007-07-30 - Lambda HTML Editor v3.0.1
Fixed a major bug that would cause problems when deleting several lines of text.

2007-07-17 - Lambda HTML Editor v3.0.0
This is a completely new application totaly re-written in C++.

2007-05-20 - AlphaChess v3.2.6
Fixes a tiny bug with the en passant move that was introduced in the last version.

2007-05-08 - AlphaChess v3.2.5
Is now availlable! This version fixes a bug with the en passant move aswell as the game server name change.